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Comedy and Off-the-Wall Stuff


Sock Monkey with a Harley! popular

SOX is a NY yuppie sock monkey who rides a Harley, sells antiques and is an Oakland Raiders fan. Sneak a peek into his charming little life!

The Hampster Dance popular

You've seen it on television, now prepare to see it for yourself....

The Onion popular

The daily news...or so it would seem! Take a look at The Onion to see their version of the news.

Twisted Gifts popular

Twisted Gifts, wild and crazy gifts, gag gifts, unique gifts, funny gifts, over the hill gifts, party supplies, lava lamps, luminglass, bubble lamps, practicle jokes and hard to find gifts. Visit us for your next gift purchase, don't be boring this time, give them a twisted gift!

Fupped Duck the place to fin Fun spray bottles

A fupped duck funny video, fun custom t shirt, fun game, stuffed animal or a flash card game are some of the items we carry. Do not forget to post your sexy or stupid video clip; we’ll have free iq test and video gratis for Spanish people. Spray bottle for that crazy bitch and that demanding boss are available.

Guitar software

Guitar Software from